Is Icarus Free-To-Play And Can I Play Icarus for Free?

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. Except, you know, when they aren't. If you are wondering whether you can play Icarus for free, we'll let you know. After-all, the game was initially planned as a free-to-play title. Of course, things can change. But just how much have things changed with Icarus? Let's find out.

Is Icarus Free-To-Play?

We'll kick off with this. While originally, Icarus was planned as free-to-play, that plan shifted in the middle of 2021. By the time we got to the launch of the game in December, Icarus is most definitely not a free-to-play game.

On Steam, if you want to play Icarus, you are going to have to pay for it. You can buy the Standard Edition, or you can pay a bit (okay, a lot) more for the Supporters Edition. This gives you access to the base game, First Cohort. And in addition, you get 2 extra outposts the next 2 DLC chapters, and a special envirosuit. Outposts are small areas where you can play the game without the usual threats of storms and enemy AI.

Whether that sounds like something of interest, only you can decide. But if it is? Yeah, you're going to need some gold coins. Or a credit card.

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Can I Play Icarus for Free?

If you were hoping that there'd be some sort of free element...prepare to be disappointed. At the time of writing, there isn't even a free demo version you can dip your toe into, before deciding whether to buy the full game. Even the Beta weekends which took place before the game was launched, were only available to those who had pre-ordered the game.

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Whether there will be a free element in the future, is anyone's guess at this point. The game is scheduled to be released in chapters. At the moment, only the first 3 have been announced - The First Cohort, New Frontier, and Dangerous Horizons. Release dates and pricing are yet to be confirmed, although according to a developer blog post they are planned for 2022. In the same post, they also mention that the base game will receive further updates "for no extra cost".

So there you have it. Icarus is not free. It's up to you to determine whether a PvE game sounds like the sort of thing you might like to spend your pennies on.

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