Is Apex Legends cross-progression on Nintendo Switch available?

Apex Legends was originally released for the PC platform, and it was just today that it saw availability for the Nintendo Switch. The question is, can players may be able to do such cross-progression for the new modem?

For those who don't know what cross-progression is, it's the feature wherein a game's progress can be accessed on multiple platforms.

In this case, it's for the Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch. Can PC Players be able to access their existing accounts on the game's new platform?

To know more, here's what you need to know if Apex Legends cross progression on Nintendo Switch is available.

Apex Legends cross progression on Nintendo Switch?

This has been something that fans are looking forward to. But to hear the answer to this may leave them a bit sad.

Unfortunately, there is still no cross-progression for Apex Legends in Nintendo Switch. It was confirmed by game developers Respawn that they are 'doing work to try to make that happen.'

We might need to wait for a while when this becomes a reality sometime in the future.

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Additional notes from Respawn about cross-progression on Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch

As per My Nintendo News, Respawn did not consider the cross-progression platform when they developed Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch.

If this will continue, then PC players may have to start from the very beginning if they will also try the game on the handheld console.

But for non-PC Players of Apex Legends, it should be a good start for them in the Nintendo Switch.

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