iOS 16.4 release date 2023 - when is the next iOS update?

iOS 16.4 release date 2023 iphone with 16 number

iOS 16.4 release date 2023 iphone with 16 number

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Apple fans are always looking towards the next release of their operating systems, as to have new fixes and features available. But what is the iOS 16.4 release date?

Sometimes upgrades come with their own pros and cons, like with iOS 15. While the company has already teased fans with the release of the beta version of the operating system, there has been no trace of the stable version for all other users who are not opted-in to beta versions.

So let's take a look at when is the next update, the release date of iOS 16.4.

iOS 16.4 release date

Apple has confirmed the update will be released in the Spring, which means sometime between late March and early June.

There hasn't been a more specific date than that. As we mentioned, the beta version was released in late February, so, if we had to speculate, we would probably imagine the update would find its way to the users in early May.

The new features of iOS 16.4

The new update will add fixes and many new features, as usual. These new features include:

  • 15 new emoji characters;
  • Safari Web Push Notifications on iPhone and iPad;
  • Third-Party browsers, such as Chrome, can now add websites to the home page;
  • Three new different animations for Apple Books when turning the page;
  • Several updates to the Podcasts app;
  • Bringing back the HomeKit architecture upgrade which was pulled in the last version because of bugs;
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and new features (such as 5G for Turkey and Apple Pay for South Korea).

These new features, while not revolutionary by any means, will definitely please Apple fans and make using devices much more accessible.

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