Instagram quiet mode - what is it and how to turn it on?

How to turn on Instagram quiet mode shhh icon

How to turn on Instagram quiet mode shhh icon

Nothing brings joy like looking at some beautiful pictures on Instagram. But sometimes, we are not able to enjoy our time because of too many notifications and popups going on. So, how to turn on Instagram quiet mode? We'll tell you all about it.

Launched in January of 2023, the new mode has been making the rounds among people, especially teenagers who use the app.

But what does it mean and how to turn on Instagram quiet mode? Read on and we'll tell you.

What is Instagram quiet mode?

The new feature launched by Instagram means you won’t receive any notifications from the app at all. The activity status on your profile will show everyone you are in "quiet mode", and if someone sends you a DM they will get an auto-reply.

The feature has been launched specifically for teenagers, so they can have an easier time focusing on other things and Instagram has said it will specifically push the feature to those teens who have been using the app late at night. It has launched first in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with more countries to come soon.

How to turn on quiet mode on Instagram

If you have the feature on the app, then this is what to do to turn it on:

  • Open the app, and the menu by clicking the "hamburger" icon;
  • Go into "Settings" and "Notifications";
  • You should see "Quiet Mode", tap it;
  • Once it is "on", you can use one of the digital clocks to set the "from" and "until" time that the mode will be on;

Go back and the quiet mode is now correctly set. To disable it, just tap Quiet Mode into Notifications again, simple as that.

That is all about the Instagram quiet mode, but if you're looking to get more tips and tricks about the app, we recommend our guide on how to view private Instagram profiles and how to check liked posts on Instagram.

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