Instagram highlights disappearing - why did Instagram delete my highlights?

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Instagram highlights disappearing Instagram logo on background

Announced back in December 2017, the Instagram Story Highlights have since gone on to become one of the more appreciated features of the social media platform. But if you've been seeing your Instagram Highlights disappearing, you're not alone. Let's look at what's going on.

Instagram is not new to adding new features such as quiet mode and dark mode, but the highlights have added a whole new layer of creativity to the users' posts.

Let's take a look at why are your Instagram highlights disappearing and what you can do.

Why did Instagram delete my highlights?

This is a problem that's been popping up again, first showing up in April of 2019 and being addressed and fixed soon. While Meta has yet to release any statements on the problem, it seems this is most likely another technical glitch and the issue should be fixed.

For the moment, if you want to make long-lasting memories, we definitely recommend you avoid creating highlights, as they have a chance that they might not be saved and deleted forever. Instead, make a post, so you have a much more stable post that you can look back on.


How to fix disappearing highlights

One possible fix to try, even though it is not guaranteed to work as the glitch seems to be replicating in different ways for different users, is to reselect the story that you have created the highlights from and they should be showing up again.

It is not guaranteed that this fix will work and be the perfect solution, but it is definitely a workaround to try while we wait for Meta to address the issue and fix it, hopefully for good. If you're interested in how to fix the app crashing, which is also a problem that's been affecting some users, you can take a look at our guide on how to fix Instagram from crashing.

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