How to use Xbox Remote Play

If you're reading this article, it's because you enjoy playing video games at home, but wouldn't it be nice if you could also play those video games when you weren't at home? There are a few options, including full game streaming, but Xbox Remote Play is one awesome option.

On holiday, or travelling for work, and looking for some down time? Well thanks to Microsoft, your dreams have come true. With this handy option, you can play you Xbox games anywhere you want!

What is this service?

Microsoft created Xbox Remote Play as a way of allowing you to play games installed on your Xbox on any compatible Android or iOS device.

This includes Xbox Game Pass titles. It does not, however, currently include backward compatible Xbox 360 or Original Xbox titles.

It means you can play your beloved Xbox games, even when you are out and about, as long as you have access to your phone.

But how exactly do you use Remote Play?

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How to use Xbox Remote Play

To begin, you will need a phone with Android version 6.0 or greater, iOS 10 or greater, and Bluetooth 4.0+.

You will also need an Xbox Series X, or Series S, and a compatible Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth.

Finally, you need the Xbox App, a Microsoft Account with Xbox profile, and an internet connection of at least 10mbps download.

Once you have the Xbox App up and running, it will guide you through the setup process, but just in case:

On your console, press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Next, go to Profile and System>Settings>Devices and connections>Remote features.

Tick the box to enable remote features.

Under Power Mode, select Instant On. If you don't do this, Remote Play will not work!

Next, on your mobile device, open the Xbox App, select My Library and then select Consoles.

Under My Consoles, simply choose Connect under the console you wish to pair with.

Finally, pair your controller with your phone using Bluetooth, and then you can enjoy gaming wherever and whenever you like!

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