How to update a HTC Vive to the latest firmware

It's strongly recommended that you use the latest HTC Vive firmware because it really benefits your overall VR experience in the long run.

Updates for the HTC Vive may solve a few issues on your system. Also, you won't miss out on the latest offerings available for your headset.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind to update the VR headset. But once all of those are covered, your VR system would be up to date in no time.

With that, here's how to update the HTC Vive.

Check for available firmware updates

If you want to update your HTC Vive headset and system, you should check first for the available firmware updates.

Head over to your SteamVR app and navigate your mouse to some of the hardware icons.

It will automatically show if there's any need to update one or more of those firmware aspects.

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Update your HTC Vive firmware

Once you've already checked the available firmware updates, you may proceed on implementing those to your HTC Vive system.

According to the official HTC Vive support page, you just need to click on the menu button (the one seen as the three horizontal lines) and choose Devices.

After doing so, select Update. It will now do the update process for those available firmware updates you just found automatically.

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