How to turn off PS5: Switch your console on or off using the PlayStation 5 power button or the DualSense controller

If you've recently bought a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, you might currently be wondering how to turn your PlayStation 5 console on or off.

Of course, powering the console on or off is something that you'll probably do hundreds of times over the coming years, but it might not be immediately obvious how to do that if you're only just getting to know your PS5.

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Keep on reading, then, and you'll find out how to turn your PS5 off or on...

Where is the power button on PS5? How do you switch the PlayStation 5 on or off without a controller?

If you prefer to turn your PS5 on or off without faffing around on the controller, you can easily control the console's power by using the power button on your console.

The folks from Kotaku even made this handy image to show you where the power button is...

click to enlarge

When you're turning your console on for the first time, you'll need to use this power button to power it up.

Once you've connected a PS5 controller, though, you will be able to choose between the controller and the console power button whenever you want to turn your PS5 on or off.

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How to turn PS5 off or on using the DualSense controller

Once you have connected a PS5 controller, you should be able to press the PS button on said controller whenever you want to turn the console on.

And, as our chums over at have discovered, it's pretty easy to turn the PS5 off using a controller, as well. Here's what you have to do to turn the console off using the controller:

  • Press the PlayStation logo on your DualSense controller, which will bring up the PS5 control centre menu
  • In the control centre, scroll all the way to the right-hand side, to the power button
  • Click the power button and you'll be presented with three options to power down your console: this includes 'Enter Rest Mode', 'Turn Off PS5' and 'Restart PS5'
  • Select your desired option from the three choices. In this case, you want 'Turn Off PS5'

And that's your lot! Have fun turning your new console on and off...

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