How To Transfer Photos From Samsung Phone To Computer Wirelessly

If you need to transfer photos from your Samsung phone to your computer, most people will consider using the tried and trusted wired connection. But maybe, on this occasion, you can't find a suitable cable. Or maybe you broke it. Or maybe you just like to do things a little bit differently.

Whatever the reason, wirelessly transferring your images isn't a great deal more complicated than using a cable. As long as you know what you're doing, that is. And that's where we step in. Here's how you go about it.

How To Transfer Photos From Samsung Phone To Computer Wirelessly

If you do want to transfer images from your phone to your computer wirelessly, here's exactly what you need to do:

  • Start by going into Settings > Connections > Bluetooth on your phone, and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  • On your PC, go to Settings > Devices. From here, make sure Bluetooth is active on your PC.
  • At this point, your phone should be able to detect your PC as a device to pair with, and vice versa. Make sure the two devices are visible to one another before proceeding.
  • Once connected, select Send or receive files via Bluetooth on your PC.
  • Because we are moving photos from your phone to the PC, select Receive files.
  • Go back to your phone and open the Gallery app.
  • In the Gallery app, tap and hold on the image you want to transfer. If you want to transfer multiple images, then simply tap on all the other photos you wish to move.
  • Tap Share.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Select your computer as the device you wish to connect with.
  • Your computer will start downloading the images you have selected.
  • You can then decide where you want the files to be saved in your computer. Press OK > Finish.

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Once the process is finished, you can then go to whichever folder you saved your photos in, and they'll all be there, ready and waiting for you. It really is that simple.

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Microsoft does offer an app called Phone Link. This allows your PC to access your phone for things like viewing and sending text messages, making and receiving calls, and crucially, sharing photos.

Once you've paired your phone and your PC via the app, you can then access your photos, and choose any that you want to transfer to your computer.

Using The Cloud

An alternative method that we'll touch on briefly, is to use a cloud-based storage system, that you can then access from whichever computer you are using, and download it from there.

There are multiple examples of this, but one example of this is Google Photos. This option makes a lot of sense on a Samsung device, which is underpinned by Google's Android operating system. This means that you will almost certainly already have a Gmail account. And therefore, you'll almost certainly already find that many of your photos have been backed up to Google Photos automatically.

To access these on your computer, simply sign in to the relevant Gmail account on your PC. Then open Google Photos, and select any photos you wish to download onto your computer. It's very simple. There are other cloud-based services that offer the same features. But Google Photos on a Samsung device makes a lot of sense.

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Whichever option you go for, these are both straightforward methods to transfer images from your Samsung phone to your computer wirelessly.

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