How to set up Discord on PS5

How to set up Discord on Ps5 app logo

How to set up Discord on Ps5 app logo

Discord is a great app to keep in touch with your friends, along with hanging out on servers with people who are interested in the same hobbies as you. But what if you have a new console and want to use the app? Been wracking your head on how to set up Discord on PS5? Read on to find out how.

Users of the new PlayStation console were given the possibility to link both their PSN and Discord accounts, for several months now. But the actual integration seemed to be missing, until recently.

So, let's see how to figure out the application and look at how to set up and use Discord on PS5.

How to set up Discord on PS5

There are a few simple steps to be able to use the Discord voice chat on PlayStation 5. Follow this guide:

  • Open the Discord app (on desktop or mobile), then go to your profile;
  • Head over to "Connections";
  • Press the "Add" button and select PlayStation Network;
  • Continue by clicking "Get Started";
  • Now, go over and log into the PSN account;
  • You should see the accounts now linked;

Whether you are using the mobile or the desktop app, the steps to set up Discord on your PS5 remain the same.

How to join a Discord voice chat on PS5

Now that we are set up, of course, we need to actually use the Discord voice chat. Follow these steps:

  • Begin (or join) a Discord voice channel;
  • Go to options or swipe up the screen;
  • Select "Join on PlayStation";
  • Choose your PS5 console;
  • Press the button "Join call on PlayStation".

On console, you will retain the same controls from Discord, so you'll be able to lower (or mute) the volume, see which voice channel you are in and, naturally, hang up the call once you're finished.

Now that you're all set, you might want to also find out how to use Discord on Xbox.

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