How to restart the Oculus Quest

Restart is a big word - but for tech products, it's a way of cleaning up bugs and errors encountered along the way. And the Oculus Quest is no exception to that.

Just like any other device, for sure it has a power button on it. And with it being able to serve its purpose, it must include the restart option on its arsenal.

Restart for the better, and restart your headset for a more efficient VR experience.

With that, here's how to restart an Oculus Quest.

How to restart Oculus Quest

The procedure on how to restart your Oculus Quest can be seen on the official support page for Oculus.

  • Just hold the power button of your Oculus Quest headset going down until the shut-down menu would eventually appear.
  • Choose the Restart option, and it will automatically restart/reboot your Oculus Quest.

Just two simple steps can already refresh your overall VR experience. Say goodbye to possible errors and bugs immediately.

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Factory reset your Oculus Quest if needed

If there are still certain errors on your Oculus Quest after you restart it, another way to be rid of those is by doing a complete factory reset.

You can do so in two ways, with the first method is by using the Oculus app on your own phone or mobile device.

The other method is the more manual way where you would attempt it on the headset itself.

Just head to this Oculus page on how you can execute those properly.

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