How to redeem a game code on Nintendo Switch: Where do you put a Switch game code?

When it comes to the Switch and its eShop, it’s incredibly easy to buy a code from somewhere, and redeem it directly on the store. You can redeem a code on Nintendo Switch yourself, or gift that code to someone else!

It helps to be kind during these uncertain times, and when it comes to games, they’ve become something of an outlet to escape lockdown and be on a ship, an X-Wing, or even the back of a horse. (Man, I wish I was playing The Witcher 3 right now...)

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So if you’re seeing someone you know who may be down on a certain day, gifting them a game could be a great way of getting their Zelda or Mario fix, especially on the Switch.

With that, here’s how to redeem a code on Nintendo Switch, whether it's one you bought yourself or a gift you've received from a friend...

How to redeem a code on Nintendo Switch

Once you've got the code, pick up your Nintendo Switch console and head to the eShop.

Select the account that is tied to the eShop, and once the homepage appears, scroll down the options to the left until you reach ‘Redeem’.

Here is where you can type in the code with the on-screen keyboard, and once you’ve made sure it’s correct, press 'A' to confirm it.

And voila! Your new game will be confirmed and will begin to download, ready to play in due time.

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Buying a Switch game as a code has its benefits...

If you're using different Nintendo accounts for different regions, redeeming codes is another way of being able to download a game from another region that may be inaccessible for the UK store.

Many stores such as Amazon and CDKeys have download codes at the ready, providing a much faster method to obtain a game. After all, it can be easier to download a game, rather than waiting for a cartridge to arrive through the post.

Of course, redeeming a code is a one-time-only affair, so you can’t repeatedly register the game on different systems for an unlimited amount of time.

Someone you may know will just want an extra push to help them through this ongoing-lockdown, especially if they’ve been furloughed or if their work-load has reduced. Gifting them a game through a code to redeem will be a great boost, so perhaps look into treating them for the coming week.

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