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VRChat is a be a free-to-play MMO virtual reality game that can run on various platforms. But does it include the PSVR headset?

Unfortunately it cannot run directly on the headset, as there is no version of VRChat that's been released for the PSVR.

However, there are other ways that can allow you to play the game on your headset without spending your money on a VR-Compatible PC.

With that being said, here's how to play VRChat with PSVR.

Download the Trinus app for PSVR

Trinus is a third-party app which allows one separate system to work on another entirely different system.

One example is SteamVR which can be accessed through the PSVR headset, with the help of Trinus. With this, the VRChat may possibly run with the PSVR.

You can download and purchase the Trinus app here.

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Access VRChat in SteamVR by using the Trinus app for PSVR

Once you've got Trinus up and working, download the 'SteamVR' app.

It will allow you to access the SteamVR library, and then able to buy VRChat.

Make sure that VRChat is in your library, and you should be good to go.

Playing the game on PSVR, while tedious in setting it up, is certainly worth it when you're in the world of VRChat.

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