How to hide or unhide games in Steam: Make that guilty pleasure game invisible

Wish you could hide away that guilty pleasure of a Steam game? Well, you can!

Customisation has seeped into our Xbox and PS4 dashboards, and PC gaming platforms like Steam have had the same treatment!

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In Steam specifically, the list of games we own has been the one constant ever since it debuted sixteen years ago, and it’s only in the last few years that we’ve been able to customise it by hiding some games that we just don’t want to see anymore.

With that, here’s how to hide a game on your Steam library, so you can show off your curated collection in its best light.

How to hide or unhide a game on Steam

Open up Steam and go to ‘Library’, and hover over a game from the list that you want to hide.

Right-click on the game, and simply click on ‘Hide’. This will not delete the game, but simply hide it from the library.

It’s a really useful tool if you’ve received a game that was part of a bigger deal, such as one of the ‘publisher’ deals that contains every game they’ve ever made, and it’s simply not your bag.

There will be a drop-down menu in this list now, that will contain all the hidden games you’ve picked. If you go into this, right click a game, and select ‘Remove from Hidden’, they will be back with the other games in the default list.

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Use it like a shelf

Customisation is something that’s only come to Steam in the last five years, and you can create a list here where it only displays the games that you want to play, just for that month for example.

We’ve all received games on Steam that’s part of a bigger package that we didn’t really want, so having this feature really helps with just getting to the games that you did want from this deal.

Especially if you use the same account on several computers, you can customise the list for each PC so you can have quick-access to certain games, especially if you have a PC just for streaming.

There’s hope that more customisation will come to Steam soon, and perhaps even a way of multiple users having their own lists in the library, but for now, you can feel safe in the fact that your well-disliked or guilty-pleasure game can now be hidden from the masses, just in case.

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