How to fix the ''Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly" Error

In olden times, turning off your games console was a matter of flicking a switch and being done with it.

But with newer generations of consoles, failing to switch off properly can have serious consequences.

You can corrupt data, lose saved games, or potentially even brick your console.

Read on, to see how best to deal with this potentially worrisome issue.

How does the "Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly" error occur?

There are two particularly common ways to cause this error.

Firstly, if you have powered down your console, but switched it off at the mains before the lights on your PS5 have stopped flashing.

Secondly, if your console was in Rest Mode, and you either flicked the switch at the mains, or you've had a powercut.

We have some suggestions for what to do if this happens, and how to prevent it in future.

How do I prevent the "Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly" error

The first option is to try and avoid it happening in the first place, and we have a couple of options here.

If you can, always ensure that your PS5 is fully powered down before disconnecting power.

To do this, select "Power" on your main menu, then "Turn off PS5". Then wait until all the lights have stopped flashing.

Be Careful Using Rest Mode

For users who prefer Rest Mode, then there are some other considerations for you.

Do you suffer from regular power cuts? If so, Rest Mode probably isn't the best option to use.

You can switch this off by going to your Settings menu in the top right corner of your home screen.

Then go to System>Power Savings>Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode>Don’t Put In Rest Mode 

How do I fix the "Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly" error

If, despite your best efforts, you have unfortunately still encountered this error how do you fix it?

Normally, you just need to select "OK" and your PS5 will start up as normal.

But the less often you have this issue, the better.

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