PS5 Controller Not Charging - How To Fix DualSense

PS5 Controller Not Charging: How To Fix DualSense Controller Not Charging Fully

PS5 Controller Not Charging: How To Fix DualSense Controller Not Charging Fully

The PS5 DualSense controller is a highly regarded piece of hardware, but for those suffering from the PS5 controller not charging fully, it may not feel the best right now.

Given that you can't swap the batteries like you can on an Xbox controller, this is potentially something of an issue. Reduced battery life will inevitably limit how long you can play, force you to charge more frequently, or even shell out for a second controller.

So, to avoid those terrible scenarios, we've got some pointers to fix your PS5 controller not charging so you can play games again.

How To Fix Your DualSense PS5 Controller Not Charging Fully

To begin with, try the following troubleshooting tips to fix your DualSense controller, as recommended by Sony:

  • Try connecting the USB cable which came with your PS5 console into a different USB-A port on the PS5.
  • Consider using another Type-C to Type-A USB cable, which is "charge and sync" or "charging and data". Cables indicated as "Charge only" cannot be used. 
  • Try a Type-C to Type-C USB cable if you have one available.
  • You may also use a charger that is compliant with the USB standard if you have one available. Please note that not all USB chargers will be capable of charging the DualSense wireless controller.

While these focus on the DualSense and the cable, there are some other pointers worth trying:

  • Check the port contacts, in case something has got into them that might be blocking the connection.
  • Try using a charging dock.
  • Make sure that your firmware is fully up to date on your controller.
  • See whether your controller works while it's plugged in. This might indicate an issue with the battery rather than the cable.

If all else fails and your DualSense is still under warranty, then you can contact PlayStation Support for further help, to repair or replace your malfunctioning hardware.

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Why Is My DualSense Controller Not Fully Charging?

There are a few reasons your DualSense might not be fully charging. It could be a fault with the charging cable, an issue with the controller, or even an issue with the PS5 itself. But narrowing it down isn't always easy, so let's go into a bit more detail.

  • There are many possible problems related to the charging cable. It could be damaged, and this might even be internal, and therefore not visible when you inspect the cable. Reports have also identified problems when trying to charge while the PS5 is in Rest Mode. It could even be the port that the cable connects to on either the controller or the console.
  • As we said earlier, the battery cannot be swapped out of the DualSense controller. So if there is a fault with the battery, this could cause a charging problem.
  • The controller may need a firmware update, or an update may have become corrupted. This is more likely if an update was interrupted.
  • Faults are caused by damage to the controller - for example water damage, or if it has been dropped.
DualSenseRed PS5 controller battery levels
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As you can see, there are lots of possible reasons for the battery not charging fully.

That's everything we know about your PS5 controller not charging and how to fix it. Hopefully it helped.

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