How To Fix PS5 Cloud Storage Error: What To Do If You See The PS5 Cloud Storage 'something went wrong' Message And Cannot Upload Cloud Saves

How To Fix PS5 Cloud Storage Error: What To Do If You See The PS5 Cloud Storage 'something went wrong' Message And Cannot Upload Cloud Saves

If you are wondering how to fix the PS5 cloud storage error, you're not alone. This is a common problem with the PS5, and it can cause a lot of frustration. But don't panic, we will help you get your cloud saves back up and running.

Sony offers PS5 cloud storage through their PlayStation Plus subscription service, which provides up to 100GB of cloud storage. This allows you to continue your game on a different console, just by accessing your saved cloud data. You can even transfer content from PS4 to PS5.

For some players, a PS5 cloud storage error can make them struggle to do anything. Uploading saves to the cloud is a distant dream, while the words "something went wrong" are burned into their retinas, so that's all they can see as they sleep. We'll tell you everything we know about what's happening, and how to resolve it.

And in case you missed it, a new PS Plus has only just been recently announced, and will be kicking off in June with various tiers and benefits, so keep any eye out for that!

What Is The PS5 Cloud Storage Error?

When attempting to make use of the PS5 cloud storage, players are finding that they are unable to access it. Primarily, they are finding that they are unable to save their games to the cloud, and are receiving the message that "something went wrong". This isn't particularly helpful when it comes to identifying the causes for this particular problem. But most commonly, the error seems to be linked to a network connectivity issue.

Some players are receiving a message stating "Couldn't sync your save data due to a conflict". This error tends to happen when the console couldn't determine whether the game needed to sync with console storage or cloud storage.

If you have been afflicted by either of these issues, is there anything you can do to resolve it? Let's find out.

How To Fix The "Something went wrong" Error

As we stated above, this message is vague and doesn't really allow us to narrow down the root cause of the problem. However, reports from players have suggested that the single most effective way to resolve it, is to restart the console. Obviously, if you want to upload a saved game to the cloud, make sure you save it first on your console!

Alongside a system reboot, verify that your internet connection is working properly and that you haven't lost connection. If you have lots of devices and apps all trying to compete for bandwidth, this can also cause a problem. So try to keep this to a minimum if you can.

How To Fix The "Couldn't sync your save data" Error

If you are seeing this error, you need to navigate to the notifications menu. This will show the sync error message, and tell you that you need to select which saved data you wish to sync with. You will then have to choose between console storage and cloud storage. Select the relevant option, and this should resolve your issue.

Make sure you look carefully before you make your selection though. Once you choose which one to keep, the other one will be removed.

One Final Possibility For PS5 Cloud Storage?

We noted at the beginning of this article that cloud storage is only available if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. It may seem obvious, but trying to use cloud storage without being a PS Plus member can also explain why you can't upload your saved game data.

So make sure you are using an account with a valid PS Plus account. Also, check whether you have reached your storage limit. While 100 GB may sound a lot, it can get swallowed up surprisingly quickly. If this is the case with you, freeing up some space might be enough to resolve the issue for you.

If you are still having difficulties accessing the cloud, even when everything should be working, then it might be time to contact PlayStation directly for additional support. Hopefully though, you’ll be sorted long before you need to use this option.

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