New World Lag: How To Fix New World Stuttering And Performance Issues

New World looks set to be a hit for the slightly beleaguered gaming division of Amazon. With over 200000 concurrent users in a closed beta, at the time of writing this made it the fourth most popular game on Steam. But not everything is perfect, as players have been complaining about issues with performance, most notably, the dreaded New World lag.

While this is to be expected during a beta testing period, it is worth exploring whether or not there is anything you can do to clean this up, and try to get the best possible experience from the game. So if you have been suffering from these sorts of performance issues, read on, for some ideas on how to improve the situation.

How to fix stuttering and performance issues on New World

It's well worth checking that your computer is powerful enough to actually support the demands of the game, by checking the minimum system requirements. If you don't have sufficiently powerful hardware, or the wrong software, then there's very little we can suggest to help.

There are some basic adjustments you can make to your settings:

  • Make sure your drivers are all fully up to date. For NVIDIA check here or AMD go here.
  • Also shut down as many programs as you can, to minimise any background tasks that will steal capacity from your CPU and your RAM.
  • Run the game on fullscreen mode.
  • Use task Manager to give New World High Priority (this will ensure your processor diverts more of its resources to the game). To do this:
    • Start New World
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager
    • Go to More Details > Details
    • Right click on New World.exe> Set Priority > High
  • We've talked previously about the pros and cons of Game Mode on your PC. If it's on, it's worth turning it off, as in some cases, this can actually enhance performance.
    • Open the Start Menu and click on Settings
    • Click on Gaming > Game Mode
    • Toggle it on or off, as preferred
  • You can also examine your internet connection. Switch to ethernet if you are on WiFi. Minimise the devices and apps jostling for bandwidth, and check there are no issues with your internet speeds.

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Problems with New World Lag

It is almost inevitable that there were going to be problems at this stage in the game's development. Players have been plagued with challenges, from getting access to the game server, to being banned for milking a cow. So in some respects, a little bit of lag seems like the least of anyone's concerns.

That being said, the afore-mentioned tips may well help to improve your gaming experience in New World. And ultimately, that's all anyone really wants. Just don't try milking anything.

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