New World Unrecoverable Error: How To Fix New World 'No Product Information Found, Cannot Initialize Game' Error

If you've been trying to play the New World beta, you may well have stumbled across the New World unrecoverable error "No Product Information Found, Cannot Initialise Game". When this happens, players cannot access the open world of New World. If this has effected your journey to Aeternum, then this article is for you. Read on, for our top tips on how you might be able to overcome this first challenge in your New World adventure.

How to fix the 'Cannot Initialize Game' error

This particular beta only launched a few days ago, on 20th of July. It runs until August 2nd, so you only have a narrow window of opportunity to play in this phase of testing. This particular error does seem to have a pretty clearly defined set of causes, which means the fixes are equally clear. Here's what you need to know:

  • The first thing to do is make sure that your Amazon account and Steam accounts are linked. This is if you made your New World purchase via Amazon.
  • Users have also found that disabling something called IPv6 has fixed this error. To do this:
    • Right-click the internet icon on your taskbar
    • Open Network and Internet Settings
    • Click Change adapter settings
    • Right-click the network adapter
    • Click on Properties
    • Deactivate Internet Protocol version 6
  • Make sure that EasyAntiCheat has not been disabled. As with many games, disabling the anti-cheat software can stop games from launching. Press Windows key + R > type Services.msc and ensure EasyAntiCheat is set to either manual or automatic.
  • Finally, as always, turning your computer off and back on again can sometimes be all you need to do, to overcome an error.
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If none of these remedies work, then it may well be time to contact customer services for additional support. Or wait until the game is officially released at the end of August. By then, hopefully all of these glitches will have been addressed.

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What causes New World unrecoverable error?

The "cannot Initialise Game" error seems to have a few fundamental causes, most of which are highlighted above: Issues with EasyAntiCheat, IPv6, or unlinked accounts. But there is one additional point which is worth mentioning. If it applies to you, then none of these other solutions will work.

If you are still on Windows 7 or Windows 8, New World will not work. The system requirements of the game specify a 64-bit Windows 10 OS as a minimum. So if you are on an earlier version of Windows, you aren't going to be able to participate. Even if you are on Windows 10, it's worth making sure your OS is fully up-to-date if you are being effected by this error.

Ultimately, errors are to be expected in the beta testing phase. At least this one has a workaround.

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