How to fix a PS4 console with a damaged HDMI port

Several iterations of the PlayStation 4 have been released over the years. Since the console’s initial launch in November 2013, we've had the angular original model, the squeezed-down PS4 Slim and the high-end PS4 Pro – not to mention all the subtle hardware tweaks in between.

Not all of the PS4 variants have been without their glitches. And if you’re still rocking the original launch-model PS4, that means you’re playing games on a console that’s well over six years old. Inevitably, you could find yourself up against the odd hardware weak spot.

One of these issues could be a damaged HDMI port, which will affect your ability to connect the console up to your TV or external display. Which, you know, is a pretty important aspect of playing games on a non-handheld device.

If you find yourself with HDMI issues, this guide details the possible solutions to get you back playing your PS4 as soon as possible.

How to fix HDMI problems on the PS4

If you are experiencing issues with your HDMI connection, first try testing some alternative cables. This will identify if the HDMI cable itself is causing the problem. Check the cable for any obvious breaks or issues. If another cable works, this might resolve the issue for you.

Next, check the console’s HDMI ports. There have been reports of an issue with the console’s built-in HDMI port, where pieces of metal can block the connection. This has since been addressed by Sony, but if you have an older unit or have bought one through resale, your HDMI connection could be affected.

If you can see a metal obtrusion, try to bend it back into place. Be very careful not to do further damage to the console. Even if this does work, you should still contact Sony about the issue.

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What to do next if you still have problems

If the steps covered above don’t help, use the Sony website to diagnose the problem and get some help.

You can use Sony’s PlayStation Help & Support site to search a library of known issues and follow troubleshooting guides. If you do find a fault with the PS4 hardware itself, contact PlayStation customer support.

Performing any big hardware fixes yourself is not advised, especially if your machine is under warranty. Tampering with your console could void its warranty, and you could end up making things worse. So make sure you talk to the experts before taking more drastic measures. If your console is no longer under manufacturer warranty, you may have to pay a repair fee.

If you’re experiencing any other problems with your PS4, check out our guide to the most common PS4 issues and how to fix them.

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