How to download Apex Legends fast on Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends has made it to Nintendo Switch, bringing frantic free-to-play shooting for any battle royal fans looking to play Respawn's highly rated title.

Though there's no cross progression for Apex Legends (yet), you will be able to play with friends on other consoles thanks to crossplay functionality.

Oh and if it wasn't already clear, Respawn's shooter (ported by Panic Button) is free, so there's no reason not to try the game.

Although it will take up a healthy chunk of space on your Nintendo Switch; and it could take a while to download too. Thankfully, we've got a quick tip to help you get Apex downloaded in no time at all.

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How big is Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch?

According to Nintendo's official website, Apex Legends has a Game file size of 25.0 GB.

That being said Nintendo also states "Game requires a download of at least 30 GB via a wireless Internet connection."

Either way, it's a pretty hefty download, that's for sure.

You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Account in order to download the game.

Equally, if it wasn't clear, you'll be needing a microSD card to save the game too, since Nintendo Switch only has 32 GB of internal storage; a portion of which is reserved for use by the system. 

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How to download Apex Legends fast on Nintendo Switch?

If you're looking to download a game at a slightly faster on your Nintendo Switch, there's one quick fix you can try.

What you need to do is go to System Settings > Internet > Internet Settings > select your preferred network > Change Settings. From here you will want to highlight the MTU option.

The Switch's default setting is set at 1400, however if you change it to 1500 you should be able to speed up your download speed just a little bit.

You'll still have some time to wait to download Apex Legends, it is a 30GB download after all, but you should be able to shave a good chunk of time off all the same.

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