How to crawl to victory in Minecraft for Xbox One

Minecraft for Xbox One could really be an interesting experience but at the same time, it won't be easy for players to navigate and attempt a ton of actions in there without knowing how to do it, including how to crawl.

It may sound like a simple task but it requires more effort in order for it to work well.

However, once you get a glimpse on how you can manage to do it, you can simply repeat it and perform it whenever you'd like to.

However with that being said, here's how to crawl in Minecraft for Xbox One.

How to crawl in Minecraft Xbox One

The official Reddit page for Minecraft lists how you can crawl in the game for its Xbox One version.

User Xszit suggests that you may actually put water on the entrance of your small door which can let your character dive going to the block tall house.

By doing it, your game avatar may swim around the premises of your tall house structure in no time.

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Crawl in Minecraft Xbox One by another way

On the same page where the method above was seen, another user pointed out a different way how can you crawl in Minecraft.

User XxAcidTripxX mentions that you can use the 'Elytra Wings Texture Pack 'which will let your in-game avatar fly on one block space available.

The user also backed this up by stating that it works 100 percent, whenever the item is being used. So it may as well work for your case.

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