How to connect your Nintendo Switch to laptop

The Nintendo Switch is probably the latest and most popular portable console released today. But with it being a portable one, some may opt to connect and play it to other devices, including the laptop.

If you wish to do so, your laptop somehow acts as the larger scale screen wherein you can watch what you are playing on your console.

And it could be one great idea to have a more engaging and interesting Switch experience.

Here's how to connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to laptop by using the Elgato capture card and Game Capture HD

Since both devices differ on system compatibility, it will require you to use a third-party device in the form of the Elgato capture card as well as an app called Game Capture HD.

As Lifewire reads, you can get the capture card here while the app involved in this process could be purchased here. Once you have both, you can then install the app quickly on your laptop.

If it's installed and your Nintendo Switch is ready to go, you can then set up to proceed with your Switch journey on your laptop.

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Set up the Elgato capture card and Game Capture HD to connect your Nintendo Switch to laptop

If you're ready to set up everything that you need, you may go on with the steps below to execute your game plan.

  • Manually connect your Nintendo Switch to your Elgato capture card by using the former's HDMI cable.
  • Launch the Game Capture HD app on your laptop and turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Now connect your Elgato capture card to your laptop through its own USB cable.
  • Once your Switch home screen appears on your laptop screen, choose the Fullscreen icon located at the top-right corner of the Game Capture app.
  • You may now play your Nintendo Switch games on your laptop with a full screen setting being utilized.

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