How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

Wondering how to connect Galaxy Buds to an iPhone? We have got you covered!

Fed up with getting tied up in pesky wires while listening to your favourite tunes on the go? You’ll be in the market for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones. But just because your music player of choice is an Apple iPhone, it doesn’t mean you’re duty-bound to fork out for a pair of AirPods.

There are loads of good wireless headphones out there, but if you’re feeling like a real rebel, you could do worse than look to one of Apple’s biggest rivals. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds offer many of the same advantages as the AirPods: big sound, streamlined design and clever built-in microphones, all wrapped up in a teeny package.

Even better, they beat Apple in the price department, too. You have two options. The standard Galaxy Buds 2, cost $118, which is 20 quid cheaper than the standard Apple AirPods. The upgraded Galaxy Buds Pro will set you back $149 and offer enhanced sound and longer battery life.  

Read on to find out everything you need to know to connect a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds to your iPhone…

How To Put Galaxy Buds Into Pairing Mode

To place your Galaxy Buds into pairing mode, simply insert the earbuds into the charging case and close the case. According to Samsung’s support page, “If the battery indicator light doesn’t flash, you’ll need to charge the earbuds for at least 10 minutes before they’ll pair.”

Next, open up the Galaxy Buds charging case and the earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

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How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Your iPhone

Once your Galaxy Buds are ready for pairing, the process of connecting them to your iPhone is incredibly simple. In fact, it’s the same process as connecting any pair of Bluetooth headphones that aren’t manufactured by Apple itself. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Make sure your headphones are near your iPhone.
  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
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  • Choose Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is switched to on.
  • Your headphones should show up in the Other devices section (usually as the model name).

Finally, launch the Samsung Galaxy Buds app, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection. Note that the app is compatible only with iPhone 7 or later models with the iOS 10 and higher version.

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Can't Connect Galaxy Buds To iPhone?

If you are having trouble connecting your Galaxy Buds to an iPhone, follow the below troubleshooting tips.

  • If the earbuds are low on battery, charge them before you enter pairing mode.
  • If your Galaxy Buds has already been paired with some other device, just unpair it.
  • Another option is to put the earbuds in your ears and hold your fingertips on them for at least 6 seconds. They will chime and enter the pairing mode and you’ll be able to see them in Bluetooth settings.

Hopefully, one of the above fixes will work for you. If it doesn't, we recommend you contact Samsung or Apple support. They will be able to help you out.

By the way, if you own a PlayStation, you would be glad to know that you can connect Galaxy Buds to your PS4 or PS5.

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