How to connect a PS5 controller to the console: Pair your DualSense controller to the PlayStation 5

The PS5 console is rolling out around the world, so you might be sat there wondering just how are you meant to connect your PS5 controller to the shiny new machine?

The PS5 controller, dubbed the 'DualSense' by Sony, has some significant upgrades on the gamepads that have come before: snazzy new features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers make it a truly next-gen controller.

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But how do you connect the DualSense controller to your PS5 console? Keep reading to find out...

How to connect a PS5 controller to the PlayStation 5 console

As Sony says in its official FAQ page, "Pairing is easy: just connect the DualSense wireless controller to PS5 using the included USB cable, and turn on the controller by pressing the PS button."

It really is that simple! Just use the USB cable to physically link your PS5 controller to the console, press the PS button on the controller, and the two devices should sync up!

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Can you connect a PS5 controller to the PS4 console?

If you were hoping to use your new PS5 controller with your old PS4 console, Sony has some bad news for you in its FAQ page: "The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4 console."

However, fans have already found a way to use the PS5 controller with the Nintendo Switch and the PS3 - check it out at this link!

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