How to connect PS5 controller to Chromebook

When the PlayStation 5 was announced, one of the most highly praised aspects of the console was the DualSense Wireless Controller. With a well built, ergonomic design, as well as a raft of features including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, it is a controller that just begs to be played with.

So it stands to reason that if you are playing games on your Chromebook, it might be nice if you could enjoy some of the benefits of using one of the best joypads available today. With that in mind, can you actually connect the PS5 controller to a Chromebook? And if so, how do you do it, and are there any limitations?

We'v got everything you need to know, right here, in a neat little package.

First, the news

We'll start with the bad news. The PS5 DualSense controller is not currently compatible with Stadia. So if you want to play Stadia, this is not the controller for you at the moment. The marginally better news, is that Nvidia has updated its Shield TV software, which will allow to you use DualSense with GeForce. But this does not mean it is currently working on a Chromebook through GeForce Now. And finally Steam have confirmed that PS5 controller support is available.

So with all that in mind, you have your preferred gaming platform. You have your DualSense controller. Now, all you need to do is pair them. So how do we do that?

How to connect PS5 controller to Chromebook

The good news in all this, is that connecting the PS5 controller to your Chromebook is really simple. The simplest, and quickest way, is by simply using a USB cable to plug your DualSense directly into the Chromebook. But if you want to use it via Bluetooth, here's what you need to do:

  • Check whether your Chromebook has in-built Bluetooth, or whether you need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to plug in.
  • Next, make your way to the Settings app on your Chromebook, and select the Bluetooth setting.
  • Your Chromebook will then begin looking for available devices.
  • On your DualSense controller, hold the PS button and the Create button to begin pairing.
  • When the devices connect, the controller will appear in the Bluetooth menu. Select it to confirm the connection.

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