How to connect Apple AirPods to Xbox One

If you’re looking for a streamlined pair of headphones for gaming sessions on your Xbox One, you could do worse than Apple’s AirPods.

Yep, Apple’s signature earpieces aren’t just compatible with your iPhone or iPad – you can connect them to your games console, too. Thanks to their wireless simplicity and light fit, they could be a good option if you prefer in-ear headphones to bulkier, over-ear cans. On top of that, their teeny, built-in microphones will come in handy when navigating the multiplayer battlefield.

They come with a fairly hefty price tag, mind: the AirPods will set you back £159, while the upgraded AirPods Pro – complete with customisable fit and active noise cancellation – cost a hefty £229 on Amazon.

Read below to find out everything you need to know to connect your Apple AirPods to the Xbox One…

Making your Xbox One Bluetooth-ready

Microsoft chose not to integrate Bluetooth connections to the Xbox One, so the process of connecting Bluetooth accessories such as Apple AirPods isn’t as easy as you might think. That said, with the correct equipment, the process is still reasonably simple.

As laid out in Mobile Fun’s YouTube video, a Bluetooth adapter can be used to wirelessly transmit audio from the Xbox One controller to Bluetooth headphones.

You can get Bluetooth transmitters from Amazon from around £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99, although there are some cheaper versions available.

Once the adapter is powered on, it can be plugged into the Xbox One controller’s headset port (on the bottom side of the controller) using the right auxiliary dock.

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Pairing Apple AirPods with your Xbox One

Once you’ve plugged in your Bluetooth adapter, you’ll need to put your AirPods into pairing mode. To do this, open the charging case’s lid with the AirPods inside and hold the button on the back of the case. The activation of pairing mode will be indicated by a flashing white light in between the two AirPods.

Next, press the multi-function button on the Bluetooth adapter to put into pairing mode, too. The two devices should connect and you will be able to receive audio from the console wirelessly. If it doesn’t work, check that your earphones haven’t automatically paired with any Apple device.

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