How To Clean PS5 Controller explained

How To Clean PS5 Controller: Get Rid Of DualSense Controller Black Marks And Discolouration

How To Clean PS5 Controller: Get Rid Of DualSense Controller Black Marks And Discolouration

Have black marks appeared on your PS5 controller? You're not alone. Here's how to clean PS5 controller to make it like new again, because nobody wants to be known as the Cheeto-finger guy.

While the PS5 has suffered from a wide range of issues and bugs, the PS5's DualSense controller has been heralded as a truly next-gen product. Aside from some drifting problems, the PS5 controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers received critical acclaim from reviews and gamers, most recently with the release of Returnal.

However, one problem that has started to occur, especially as players use their controllers more, is the appearance of black marks on the PS5 controller. If this has happened to you, here's all we know about how to clean PS5 controller.

PS5 Controller Black Marks Explained

"Why does my PS5 controller get so dirty?" We hear you asking.

Well, a key explanation comes from its colour, which makes any dirt or marks much more noticeable. Both the PS5 and DualSense controllers are predominantly white devices. The chances are you may have used dirty, scratched DualShock 4 or Xbox controllers in the past, but failed to notice the marks. With the Midnight Black PS5 controller releasing in June, this issue will be less noticeable on the new controller.

Aside from the colour, the PS5 controller's texture is also an issue. If you look closely at the back of the DualSense, you'll see it has a textured pattern featuring the PS5 buttons found on the front. As this is not a smooth grip, it is more likely to retain any dirt or dust that makes its way onto the back of the controller.

That brings us to the final reason - your hands. Playing games is an intense activity, especially in multiplayer games like Call of Duty. As a result, your hands will inevitably start to sweat as you grip the controller. Your natural oils from your skin will make their way onto the controller, which is much more visible than on a black controller.

How To Clean PS5 Controller Sticks And Buttons

The first thing we'd recommend is using an alcohol-based solution or alcohol wipes on the controller. These are better than water, as there is less chance of any electrical damage happening.

For in between the buttons, sticks, or the shell, cotton buds will help to collect some of the dirt stuck in these small spaces. If there's still something stuck in the side of the DualSense, any small object (such as a card) should be able to fit in and dislodge the dirt, as long as you don't press too hard.

If you want to take more preventative action to protect your DualSense, rubber grips will offer an extra layer of protection, as will storing your PS5 controller in a clean environment.

How To Remove PS5 Black Marks

Aside from general dirt, another issue reported by PS5 owners concerns larger black marks on the DualSense controller.

These are more likely scuff marks, caused by dropping the controller or hitting it against something. Again, this is more pronounced given the colour of the controller.

If this has happened to you, and the above method has not helped, another alternative is to use a solution such as Goo Gone. As reported in this GameFAQs thread, players recommend using these adhesive removers to help get rid of scuffs and dirt.

Now that you have cleaned your PS5 controller, it is time to clean your PS5 console. Yes, that's white too, so you'll need some elbow grease.

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