How to clean fingerprint marks off your Xbox Series X: Wipe away those fingerprints without damaging the console

The Xbox Series X is here, and with it come plenty of questions. If you've been wondering how to clean fingerprint marks off your console without damaging it, you've come to the right place.

After all, with the console having such a sleek black look, even the slightest touch can end up leaving a mark on the console. And since this is your new prized possession, you'll probably want to sort that out.

Keep on reading for our quick tips on how to clean fingerprints on the Xbox Series X...

How to clean fingerprints on Xbox Series X

After having moved the Xbox Series X from my office to the living room a few times, I soon started to notice the smudges where my fingerprints had come into contact with the console.

I put it off for a few days, then I decided to take some careful action - and it worked! The console is now clean, and it's still running fine. Here's what you can do to follow in my footsteps...

  • Apply a tiny amount of antibacterial spray to a clean, dry cloth
  • Gently wipe the fingerprinted area on the console, using the damp area of the cloth
  • When you think you're done, shine the light from your phone onto the console just to check that you haven't missed any bits

And voila! If you follow those steps, the fingerprints should disappear and the console will look good as new - or close enough to it!

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How to clean your Xbox Series X console

If you're wondering which antibacterial spray I used to clean the fingerprints off my Xbox Series X, it was just a bottle of Method that we had in the kitchen.

You can see their range of sprays at this Amazon link, and you can even pick which scent you want to add to your console(!).

The only others tips I'd offer for cleaning your Xbox Series X are these: make sure you only apply the tiniest possible amount of spray to your cloth, so you don't end up soaking the console (one or two sprays on the cloth should be enough to get the intended effect); and also, try to avoid cleaning anywhere near the disc drive, USB port, or any of the other obviously-open electrical areas. You shouldn't need us to tell you why!!

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