Is Xbox Live Down: How To Check Xbox Server Status Today

If you've been trying to access Xbox Live and struggling, you may well be wondering if there's an issue with the servers. Sitting there, in a fog of frustrated tears and confusion, you may be asking "How do I check Xbox server status?". It's a good question, and one that we are here to answer for you. As an added bonus, we'll also throw some tips your way, in case it isn't the server that's the issue. Because we're good like that.

How to check Xbox service status, see Xbox Live Down status

Checking the status of Xbox services is incredibly easy. You simply need to go to the Xbox support pages, where they will give you an update on every different service that relies on their servers. They update the page every few minutes, to keep it as accurate as possible.

It's a very simple page to understand as well. There are three colours to denote service status. Green means everything is up and running. Orange suggests there is limited functionality, while red means there is a major outage. And they drill down into even more detail, breaking down services into multiple categories. So you can find out if there is an issue with purchasing a game in general, or just purchasing with a credit card, for example.

On the same screen, you can even report a service outage. Or if you need further assistance, contact the Xbox support team via phone or online chat.

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What else could be the issue?

Of course, it isn't necessarily a server issue that is preventing you from accessing Xbox Live, or Xbox network. While it's definitely one of the first things you should check, there are some other fixes worth exploring, if the server status is all green.

  • Try signing out of your Xbox account, and then sign back in.
  • Do a power cycle of your console.
  • Switch off your Xbox, then reset your router. Allow that time to fully reboot before restarting your console.
  • Test other devices on the network to see if there are any connectivity issues.
  • If you are on WiFi, make sure you don't have lots of devices and apps competing for bandwidth.
  • You can also try switching from WiFi to an ethernet connection, to see if this helps. If this works, it could be an indication that your router needs a firmware update.

If none of these tips work, then that Microsoft support page is looking like a pretty good place to go.

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