How To Check Your Samsung TV Model Number

It may never have occurred to you that, someday, you might need to check your Samsung TV model number. For all any of us knows, knowing your Samsung model number could save the world. Which, admittedly is less exciting than having to collect infinity stones. And would probably be a lot easier. And probably won't happen. But, just in case that moment arrives, it's important to be prepared.

So we've put together a handy little guide to saving the world via the knowledge of how to check your model number on your Samsung telly. And even if it won't save the world, it may still come in handy, should you need that information.

How To Check Samsung TV Model Number

Depending on how old your television is, there are a few different ways you can find the model number. We'll start with the more obvious, and then get more technical.

Check the back of your TV

If you have an older model, then there is a sticker with the model code and the serial number of your TV on the back of your television. Which was probably much easier to access in the days before televisions were wall-mounted.

More modern models have placed the sticker on the right side of the television instead, possibly in response to that wall-mounting trend. In either case, the model number will be listed under the term Model Code.

But if you can't access the sticker, or find it has been removed for some reason, then there is a way to access those details through the television menu. Please note, that this only applies if you have a Smart TV.

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Via the Menu

If you have a Smart TV, then you can retrieve the serial number through the menu, by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings ( or All Settings)
  • Then, select Support
  • Select About This TV ( or Contact Samsung)

This will open a page that tells you to visit the Samsung website if you require support. But it also, helpfully, tells you some useful information about your television. This includes the model number, the software version your television is using, and the serial number for your device.

But why might any of this actually matter? While we don't actually think your Samsung TV model number will help deal with Thanos, there are legitimate reasons why you may need to access this information.

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Why Might You Need Your Samsung TV Model Number?

Most obviously, this information can be helpful if you need Samsung to help fix a problem with your television. By providing the model number, Samsung will then be able to identify certain information, such as where the television was made, and in what year.

This can be valuable in identifying issues that might require a product recall, or if there is a known fault with a certain batch of televisions, it can speed up the repair process.

It can also help in making sure you are on the correct software version. So if, for example, you need to update your software via USB, then you will need your model number in order to download the correct software version for your television.

While it may not be the most glamorous knowledge in the world, being able to quickly and easily access your Samsung TV model number could be invaluable to you if something goes wrong with it.

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