How To Check Game Playtime on PS5: Can You Check Hours Played On PlayStation 5?

How To Check Game Playtime on PS5: Can You Check Hours Played On PlayStation 5?

If you want to check your game playtime on PS5 to see how many hours of the PlayStation 5 you played, here's what to do.

Much like wanting to check your Xbox hours played, knowing how much time you spend playing your favourite games on PS5 can be a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, you get to clearly see which games take up most of your time and attention, or just how long it actually took you to complete a game. On the other hand, it might lead you into a nihilistic spiral when you realise how many other things you might have done in that time. Nevertheless, it's good to be able to know how to check game playtime on PS5.

But for people who enjoy analysing their own data, are curious, or want to use it as motivation to go do something else, it can be nice to discover exactly how long you've been spending your time on the PS5. Here's how you do it.

How To Check Game Playtime On PS5

If you really want to find out how much time you've spent playing each game on your PS5, it's really very simple:

  • Open your profile, located in the top right corner of the screen by clicking on your player icon.
  • Scroll across to the Games tab.
  • This will then display a list of every game you have played using that PSN account. This even includes games from previous consoles, if you've used the same account.
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Below each individual game, you will see a set of information. This includes when you last played a game, and how much time you've spent in total. It isn't completely perfect, as it will round your figure to the nearest hour.

As an added bonus, you can go to your Friends tab, click on their details, and find out how they've been spending their time. So if you're competing for bragging rights over who completed a game more quickly, this can settle the argument.

What's The Point Of Game Time Statistics?

While we jokingly suggested that these stats might go away and compel you to consider your life choices, there are reasons it may be useful. For parents, this is a feature that could help to monitor children's gaming time, to make sure they aren't sinking their entire life into it, should that be a concern. They can then go into the playtime controls to limit the playtime available.

And for some players, it might offer an insight into our own gaming habits. You might discover that a game you remembered with great fondness was only played for half the time of a game you seemed to enjoy less. What you'd then actually do with that data, maybe another question.

Maybe it will remind you to go back and revisit a game you'd neglected. Maybe it will make you more mindful of how much time you are sinking into games, and encourage you to waste less time on games you aren't loving.

It might simply be an interesting bit of information that you don't then do anything with. Still, it's nice to know, isn't it?

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