How to charge PS5 controller: Juice up your DualSense controllers and recharge the PlayStation 5 gamepad

The PS5 console is rolling out around the world, so you might be sat there wondering just how are you meant to charge your PS5 controller?

The PS5 controller, dubbed the 'DualSense' by Sony, has some significant upgrades on the gamepads that have come before: snazzy new features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers make it a truly next-gen controller.

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But how do you charge the PS5 controller? Keep reading to find out...

How to charge a PS5 controller with a USB cable

As Sony explains in its official FAQ page, "The DualSense wireless controller can be charged in two main ways. One is via the USB Type-C® port, which players can connect to PS5 (or a compatible charging device) using the included USB cable."

Basically, take the USB cable which comes in the box - you connect one end to the controller and one end to the console (or any other power source), and your controller will start charging!

If for some reason you don't have the USB-C that comes with the DualSense, other USB-C cables will also work with the PS5 controller.

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DualSense PS5 controller rear
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The short end of the USB cable connects to this little slot on the back of the controller.

How to charge a PS5 controller with the DualSense Charging Station

Sony did mention that there is a second way to charge the controller, though: As Sony puts it, "Additionally, the DualSense Charging Station (sold separately) can charge up to two controllers simultaneously."

You can click here to see if the DualSense Charging Station is in stock at Amazon. If it's not, you will notice that there are quite a few third-party options on Amazon if you want to pick up a charging stand.

Or your could just keep using a USB cable to charge your controller - it's the cheapest option!

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