How to capture and share on Xbox Series X and S: Take screenshots and record gameplay footage with the Share button

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are being delivered to fans around the globe, so you may well be wondering how to share your gaming glory with your followers online.

Luckily, thanks to the brand new Share button on the Xbox Series X/S controller, it's never been easier for Xbox games to capture screenshots, record gameplay footage and post it online.

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Keep on reading to learn how to take screenshots, record gameplay footage and post the results online...

How to take a screenshot on Xbox Series X or S

If you want to take a screenshot on your Xbox Series X or S, this is how to do it:

  • Tap the share button on your controller (it can be found above/between the D-Pad and the right analogue stick)
  • A prompt will appear saying 'Screenshot taken' - it will tell you to hold down the Xbox button if you want to share it, so that's the next thing you need to do!
  • You'll now see a little menu that says 'Share to', which gives you plenty of options as to where to send your screenshot - you can put it on your Activity feed, send it as a message, or even put it out via Twitter

Note: if you don't press the Xbox button quickly enough, that initial prompt message will dissapear. But don't worry - your screenshot is still there! Just tap the Xbox button in your own time, which will bring up the little menu known as the 'Guide'. Then you should tap right on the D-pad until you get to the little icon that represents the share button. This is the 'Capture & share' menu, and from here you can select 'Share last capture' or browse your 'Recent captures'.

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How the Xbox Series X/S Controller Share Button Works - IGN
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That's the Share button at the bottom there. Tap it for a screenshot or hold it down to record what just happened.

How to record gameplay footage on Xbox Series X or S

If you want to record footage of something which just happened (e.g. a great goal you scored on FIFA or an epic moment that happened in CoD), hold down on the share button for a couple of seconds and it will pop up a notification saying your clip is being prepared.

When your clip is ready, you'll be prompted - again, by a little notification appearing on the screen - to hold down the Xbox button to watch the clip. Once you do that, you'll be able to share the clip easily.

If you want to start recording because you think something is about to happen, there are a few more steps. This is how to do it:

  • Press the Xbox button so the little 'Guide' menu comes up
  • Press right on the D-pad a few times to bring up the 'Capture & share' menu (which is represented by the same symbol as the Share button on the controller)
  • Select 'Start recording' from the list of options
  • Go about your gameplay business!
  • When you're ready to stop recording, press the Xbox button and navigate to the 'Capture & share' menu again - you should see an option to stop recording on the list of options below.

If, at any point, you want to view your library of screenshots and gameplay clips, press the Xbox button to bring up the 'Guide' menu. Then press right on the D-pad until you're in the 'Capture & share' menu. And from there, select 'Recent captures' to see the snaps you've taken recently.

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