How to cancel your Xbox Live subscription

The Xbox Live subscription available for your console can provide a much comfortable and organized channel to get your games immediately. But as time passes by, it may not be comfortable for your pockets as well.

The good thing is, if you cannot continue your subscription, you can just cancel it right away immediately.

Or if you want to maximize the remaining days before your billing day arrives, it would still be a great deal.

So with that being said, here's how to cancel your Xbox Live subscription.

Cancel your Xbox Live subscription immediately

According to Groovy Post, if you badly need or want to cancel your Xbox Live subscription immediately, you may have the option to do it.

  • Access and log in to the official Xbox website with the account subscribed to Xbox Live.
  • Click on your profile icon to make your way to the Menu icon and choose the Subscriptions option once it appears.
  • Now click the Xbox Live pass you are subscribed to, either on the Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass.
  • Select the Manage option and choose Cancel Subscription.

It will then cancel your Xbox Live subscription immediately after you do those actions given above.

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Cancel your Xbox Live subscription after your next billing day

If the day you wish to cancel your Xbox Live subscription is far from the next billing day, you can still cancel but it will end before that day approaches.

You just need to do the same procedures as mentioned above. But the difference here, is you need to choose the 'Turn off recurring billing option' rather than the 'Cancel Subscription' one.

Once you confirm it, your Xbox Live subscription will still remain active up until the set date for the next billing day.

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