How to Buy Games on the PlayStation Store

With the PlayStation 5 still being as hard to find as a rational debate on Twitter, you may not have had the opportunity to explore how it differs from its predecessor, the PS4.

With the new generation of console, Sony has updated the user interface, making it cleaner and more user-friendly.

But if you are new to this generation of consoles, you might just want a helping hand on finding your way to the all important content - the games.

This guide will tell you what you need to know about navigating the PS5 store to buy games.

Two Versions of the PlayStation 5

Sony have released two versions of the PS5, one with a disc drive, the other a Digital Edition.

The Digital Edition does not have a disc drive, which means you will only be able to play games which have been purchased as a digital download from the PlayStation Store.

The other version of the PS5 will allow you to play discs, but you can also purchase and download digital versions of games, direct from the PlayStation Store.

So how exactly do you buy games on the PlayStation Store? Read on to find out...

How to Purchase a Game on the PlayStation Store

  1. After switching on your PS5, navigate from the home screen to the PlayStation Store icon, and open it.
  2. Browse the store until you find the game you wish to purchase, then select your chosen title.
  3. Select Buy, confirm your purchase, then download.
  4. All your purchased games are in your Games Library, which can be navigated to from your Games home screen.
  5. Choose your game, and start playing!

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