How to boost download speed on an Xbox One

Sometimes your adrenaline for playing a new game on the Xbox One console slows down when your download speed also slows down.

Two birds in one stone which can impact your gaming when you've been looing forward to it all day.

To boost your morale once again, you can also boost the download speed on your Xbox One.

So with that, here's how to boost download speed on the console.

Restart your Wi-Fi router

Generally you can restart your Wi-Fi router whenever an error occurs and might affect the your internet's performance, including the slowing down of your download speed.

Because it's not just your Xbox One that is being affected by your internet's less-desired output - your other devices also connected may be impacted as well.

It's best to attempt a restart on your router to have a fresh internet connection minus the lags and errors whatsoever.

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Close the games and apps that are simultaneously open

This may be the case not just for the Xbox One console but also on other electronic devices and gadgets that experiences slow progress when it comes to their download speed.

As Business Insider states, you may close those other games and apps that are running side by side while you are downloading something on the console's system.

Simply press the Xbox button to choose the currently running application on your screen's left part. Follow it through by clicking the Menu button for you to select the Quit option.

Your chosen games or apps that have closed, may now be affecting the speed in a positive way, so the bandwidth can improve your Xbox One's download speed even more.

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