Rocket League License Agreement: How To Accept License Agreement On Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Rocket League License Agreement: How To Accept License Agreement On Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Rocket League License Agreement: How To Accept License Agreement On Xbox One, PS4, Switch

If you want to play Rocket League online, then one important part of that is accepting the Rocket League license agreement.

In this article, we'll tell you what the license agreement is, and how you can accept it, regardless of whether you are using a PS4, an Xbox One, or a Nintendo Switch.

What Is The Rocket League License Agreement?

The EULA (End User License Agreement) is a riveting document which you have to accept and abide by, in order to play Rocket League online. License Agreements are pretty common these days, and no doubt you will have encountered many of these documents in your time on Earth so far.

It's the set of terms and conditions that you probably don't read before scrolling to the bottom and pressing "Accept". It covers topics such as ownership of content, how you can use that content (or not) and legal rights and waivers.

As we mentioned above, license agreements are very common, and in most cases, if you refuse to accept the agreement, then you won't be given access to whatever it is you are trying to use.

In the case of this game, if you don't accept the license agreement, then you will receive a warning message about not accepting, and will not be able to play online until you do. You usually see this the first time you log in. Occasionally though, you will be prompted to accept them again, if they have been revised.

That explains what a license agreement is, but how exactly do you accept it on Rocket League?

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How To Accept The License Agreement?

Rocket League: How to accept license agreement
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If you want to accept the license agreement for playing Rocket League online, then you need to do the following:

  • Launch Rocket League
  • Select Settings from the Main Menu
  • Go to the Extras tab
  • Select Legal Agreements
  • Select and read the EULA 
  • Press OK to accept
  • Select and read the Terms of Service
  • Press OK to accept
  • Select and read the Privacy Policy
  • Press OK to accept

Once you have accepted, the game will allow you access to the sunny uplands of online gaming. Enjoy!

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What If You Don't See The License Agreement?

There may be occasions when players accidentally skip the agreement, or simply didn't see it. If this happens, then as we said earlier, it will stop you from being able to play online. But this doesn't mean you are prevented from ever playing online again. There is a way to find the license agreement so you can accept it:

  • Open Rocket League, go to the main menu and select Extras.
  • In Extras, select Legal Agreements.
  • Open the EULA, Terms of Service, or Privacy agreements.
  • Press OK to accept each agreement.

Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, the world of online multiplayer will be unlocked, and the world will be a happier place. So that's nice.

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