How does Snapchat score work?

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Snapchat is a fascinating app, with many interesting features (such as notifying users when screenshots of messages are taken), and one of those is definitely the score. Users are wondering, what is it and what does it stand for? Let's take a look at how Snapchat score works.

Snapchat allows you to exchange messages with your friends and also lets you ask people for their opinion (how to do a poll) and interact in many fun ways, such as deleting messages the other person saved.


But let's take a look at one of its more mysterious features, the Snapchat score and how it works.

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How does Snapchat score work?

Basically, the Snapchat score stands for how much you are active on the platform. The more you watch videos, share content and interact with other users, the higher the score will be. So, it is not a measure of your profile's (or content) popularity.

It is more similar to the number of posts one has done on Reddit or on an online forum. Subsequently, there are no perks or rewards for having a high score, it does not come with any other satisfaction than a high number. Unless you run a business account and need to show everyone that you reply to everyone.


How can I improve my Snapchat score?

As mentioned, if you're looking for that sweet number reward, there are some easy things to do to improve that Snapchat score. Direct messages won't improve it, but other things will. Such as:

  • Send/receive snaps: indeed, the basic function of the app can net you points, so the more you message with friends, the more both of you will be racking up points;
  • Share stories: your Snapchat score will go up each time you share something to your story, plus you can get points for viewing your friends’ stories;
  • Go to the Discover section and watch videos: in that section, you will find videos from people all over the world, the more you watch them, the higher the score will go.

As we mentioned earlier in the guide, the more you use the basic functions of the app, the higher your score will go. Just keep using the app and you'll gain lots of points!