How does NVIDIA GeForce Now work?

Game streaming services are still considered as a 'rising and growing' facet of the industry, and one of them you might be interested in is NVIDIA's GeForce Now.

NVIDIA has produced some of the top-notch GPUs that many are using today, but the company has also ventured into the cloud gaming service industry.

GeForce Now was born a little while back, and is now used by gaming fans in various countries.

But really, how does NVIDIA GeForce work? Keep reading to find out...

NVIDIA GeForce Now lets you stream video games

This is main purpose of the NVIDIA GeForce Now - allowing you to play games without a powerful PC, instead letting the internet do the processing.

It lets you stream video games, basically. But not just any video game - you can choose from a really wide variety of choices.

Simply put, game streaming services could be compared to the likes of Netflix and YouTube, where you can stream content from a catalogue-like library of digital media.

It's just that, instead of cat videos or Stranger Things, video games are the primary form of entertainment that you can stream with GeForce Now.

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NVIDIA GeForce Now vs other game streaming services

Online Tech Tips mentioned how the NVIDIA GeForce Now offering compares to other game streaming services, such as Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud.

One of its key selling points, which is also present with the other two services, is the fact that all of those are cloud-based services. It means that you can access your games anytime and anywhere - you just need a device, and internet access, to use those wherever you are.

But one significant factor present with NVIDIA GeForce Now is that you save money by keeping your games. You won't need to buy another of those games.

You just need to access your GeForce Now account. And also, make sure that the games you want are on the list of titles the service is offering.

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