Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System: How To Fix Halo Infinite Operating System Bug On Windows

Halo Infinite was released a few days ago. So, it’s understandable that you might have heard about the Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating SystemError. It seems the game is incompatible with a large number of Windows 10 PCs. As a result, for many Halo fans, things aren’t quite as rosy. While the game is still in beta, these errors are still frustrating. If you are one of those players, then don’t worry. The good news is, you will be able to fix this problem by using our tips and tricks. So, let's get into it.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Bug on Windows?

The Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error is pretty much self-explanatory. This happens because the version of your Windows 10 OS is not meeting Halo Infinite'ssystem requirements. Fortunately, we’ve got a few simple tips and tricks that can help you out. Here you go:

  • First of all, make sure that your PC is running on latest Windows 10 build. If not, update the OS to latest version.
  • Try uninstalling andreinstalling the Visual C++ packages. This might make a difference. You can download the latest Visual C++ packages from here.
  • Run Halo Infinite as Administrator. This a simple fix that might help out in this situation.
  • Restart your PC. This might sound silly, but sometimes, a simple restart is all your system needs.

If you have tried all the pointers on here and still the Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error persists, don't panic. We have another set of slightly more complicated tips and tricks that might help you.

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Other Steps to Try

Even after trying all the above steps, if you are still unable to get rid of the Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error, then you might need to try some other options. In this case, follow these steps:

  • First, ensure that your graphics card is fully updated with the latest drivers. If you have an AMD graphics card, check here. For Intel, go here and for GeForce, go here.
  • Disable your antivirus software or put Halo Infinite on the safe list on your firewall and antivirus software. Learn how to do that here.
  • Perform a clean boot of your computer, before trying to launch Halo Infinite. For instructions, click here.
  • Verify the integrity of your game files. Here is how to do it:
    • Launch Steam
    • Find Halo Infinite in your library
  • Right-click on Halo Infinite and choose Properties
  • Click on Local Files
  • Select Verify the integrity of game files
  • Some players have suggested that turning off compatibility mode has helped to resolve this issue. To do this: Go to Halo Infinite in your Steam library
    • Right-click and choose 'Manage'
    • Select 'Browse Local Files'. This will open the game folder on your computer
    • Find and right-click on the HaloInfinite.exe application
    • Click Properties > Go to the Compatibility Tab
    • If the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' is ticked, untick it.
    • Click Apply, followed by Ok
    • Restart your computer and relaunch the game
  • If all else fails, you can try uninstalling, then reinstalling Halo Infinite.

If Nothing Works

Hopefully, one of these solutions will work for you. If it didn't work, you should send a support ticket through Halo Waypoint, to try and compel them to investigate and resolve the Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System bug on Windows. The more people that raise this issue, the more likely it is that they will pay attention to provide a solution.

We can hope that the developers will provide an update in the near future that will fix the Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error. So, if you see any pending updates for the game, do try to install them as quickly as you can.

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What Causes Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error?

If you are experiencing Halo Infinite Incompatible Operating System Error, then there’s a good chance that your computer is not running the latest version of Windows. If you are running an older version of Windows, then there is no guarantee that Halo Infinite will run on your PC. You need to install the latest version of Windows 10 in order for Halo Infinite to run properly.

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How to Fix Halo Infinite Blue Screen

As you may know, Halo Infinite Multiplayer has officially launched. However, many are experiencing a blue screen. This is preventing players from actually launching the game. The blue screen was caused by an error in rolling out the multiplayer beta on the Microsoft Store. An update has since been rolled out, so if you are downloading it for the first time, you shouldn’t be affected by the blue screen.

But what if you downloaded the beta before this was done? To fix the Halo Infinite Blue Screen, make sure you have downloaded the latest update of the game. To check for updates: 

  • Scroll to the Halo Infinite tile on your Xbox or PC.
  • Open the options menu and select Manage Games and Add-ons.
  • Download the latest update. Don’t be surprised if it’s up to 30GB or so in size.
  • Restart your PC or Xbox.
  • Relaunch Halo Infinite. The blue screen should now be a thing of the past.

Keep checking back here whenever you experience a problem with Halo Infinite. We provide fixes to most of the common errors that users face, so you can keep playing your favourite game without having to worry about a thing!

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