How to add music to Google Slides

Google Slides logo in front of a yellow background
Credit: Rubaitul Azad

Google Slides logo in front of a yellow background
Credit: Rubaitul Azad

Trying to work out how to add music to Google Slides? We've got you covered on how you can add some background music to bring your presentation to life.

In this guide, we've also got all the details on the file requirements you'll have to adhere to before uploading music to Google Slides, as well as some tips on how to edit your audio once it's added to your presentation. Stick with us for all the information you'll need.

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Google Slides how to add music or audio to a presentation
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How to add music and sound to Google Slides

Before you think about adding music or sound to your presentation on Google Slides, you'll first have to make sure your file is in the right format. Google Slides only supports .mp3 and .wav files, so if your music or sound file doesn't end in either of these suffixes, you'll have to convert the file to one of these file types.

Once your music or sound file is in the right format, add the file to your Google Drive. Next, go to Google Slides and select "Insert" from the top bar. Then, select Audio. This will open your Google Drive, where you can select the audio file that you want.

After selecting the file you want to attach to your file, a visual symbol will appear on your presentation. Clicking on this symbol will cause a toolbar to appear on the right, where you can edit your audio and how it behaves within your presentation. For instance, you can have the music or sound play when you swap to the slide, or you can trigger the audio manually.

You're also able to customise the sound symbol that appears on your presentation, to move it or change how it looks to fit your presentation's theme.

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