How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet

Credit: CarpetRight

Credit: CarpetRight

Whether you're replacing some furniture, or you've decided to rearrange the layout of your room, there's a good chance that you will soon find that you need to get dents out of your carpet. Any piece of furniture on a carpet is likely to cause dents. We normally don't see them until that furniture is taken away.

And while it isn't as dramatic or urgent as needing to remove stains from your carpet, dents are undesirable. Thankfully, there are several methods you can use to help lift that compressed pile back into place. And in even better news, it doesn't need to cost you a fortune.

How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet

As we suggested above, there are several different methods for removing dents from your carpets. There are a few caveats though: depending on how heavy the furniture was, and how long it was in situ, some dents will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get out. In this situation, you may need to bring in a specialist to see if they can repair these dents.

And if your carpet is very old, then it may actually be time to start considering replacing it altogether.

But if you aren't in that situation, or you just want to try to get the dents out yourself before committing to a more expensive solution, here are some of the most popular ways to get dents out of carpets.

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Ice Cubes

This is a particularly well-known method. Take an ice cube (or several ice cubes depending on the size of the dent) and place it into the dent. Then do nothing.

Leave the ice cube to melt. As the carpet pile absorbs the water, it will begin to bounce back. You can leave it for several hours.

In many cases, this will be all you need to do. But if you do want to give it some help, use a sponge or cloth to blot away excess water, and you can use a coin such as a nickel, or the edge of a spoon, to help lift the indented pile.


You'll need a hairdryer and a spray bottle for this method. But just as a hairdryer can add volume to your hair, it can do the same to a carpet.

  • Spray the dent with enough water to saturate it.
  • Use your hairdryer to blow dry the damp area. Hold the hairdryer around 6 inches away from the carpet, as you need to be careful not to burn the carpet fibres.
  • You can help by using your fingers to help fluff up the carpet as you do this.

Steam Iron And Towel

The third method is to use a steam iron and a towel to remove those carpet dents.

  • Get a damp dish towel or cloth and place it on the dent.
  • Turn your iron onto a medium heat setting and hold it over the towel for between 30 seconds and one minute. It's really important that the iron does not touch the carpet directly, as this can burn it. So it's advisable to hold the iron a few inches above the towel/cloth.
  • Finally, either use your fingers or a coin to fluff up the pile, or run a vacuum cleaner over it to help lift the fibres back up.

We've already mentioned it, but any time you are using a heat source near your carpet, there is a risk of damaging the fibres of the carpet. And nobody wants that. So make sure you exercise caution if you are trying either of those methods.

Whichever method you ultimately try, they are all popular ways of removing dents from carpets. And hopefully, will do the job of restoring your carpet back to its former glory.

How To Keep Your Carpet Fluffy

Of course, we'd love to avoid your carpet getting dents in the first place. Some recommendations to help keep your carpet fluffy are as follows:

  • Use furniture coasters underneath the legs of heavy furniture. These help to distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly.
  • Regularly move your furniture to stop flattening in one area. The longer the weight is on that bit of carpet, the harder the dent will be to remove.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpets. Vacuuming can lift small dents quickly and easily.
  • Remove your outdoor shoes before going on the carpet. This reduces the amount of dirt being brought through the house.

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