How to fix Vizio SmartCast not available error code 2902_1

How to fix vizio smartcast tv with apps

Nothing more relaxing than sitting down at your nice smart TV to enjoy some content on-demand. But what if you're having problems casting your content? That is no fun at all. So let's see how to fix Vizio SmartCast not available error code 2902_1.

While you surely need SmartCast if you don't have a Google Chromecast, there might be also some benefits to getting a Streaming VPN, especially if you're planning to use Hulu.

But if you're having problems with SmartCast, let's see how to fix the "not available" error code 2902_1.

How to fix Vizio SmartCast not available error code 2902_1

There might be a few simple fixes to address this error, let's look at them.

Power cycle your devices

This doesn't just mean turning off and on your devices, but unplugging them from the socket, leaving them off for a couple of minutes so they can "reset" their internals. Do it with your TV and router as well, since that might help.

Disconnect WiFi

Enter the Vizio SmartCast settings and disconnect it from your home WiFi. Then wait a couple of minutes and connect it back again, that should help.

Change language to SmartCast

Clearly, this is not meant to solve the issue, but to see if the service will load with another language. Go into the menu settings and select any other language than the one you currently have selected, this should reboot the home page. Check to see if the new language is loading.

Factory reset

This is a last resort as it will also delete all of your previous accounts and settings. To do a factory reset follow these steps:

  • Tap the menu button on the remote;
  • Choose "Reset & Admin";
  • Tap on "Reset";
  • Set up again your SmartCast.

Hopefully, this should solve the issue for good.

What is error code 2902_1?

This is a generic error code that means SmartCast is not working, which might also pop up with other issues such as:

  • SmartCast Home Not Available
  • SmartCast Is Not Available
  • SmartCast TV Not Available
  • SmartCast Input Not Loading

Clearly, if all these tips did not solve your problem and your Wifi is working fine otherwise, you might think about contacting Vizio support.

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