How to fix Sling TV error code 10-403

How to fix Sling error code 10-403

How to fix Sling error code 10-403

If you're planning on catching up on your favourite shows through Sling TV any time soon, know that you might come across error code 10-403.

Sling TV is an online streaming platform, so encountering glitches and errors is to be expected from time to time. In fact, users have encountered other issues with the app like error code 10-3 or 9-802.

For this article, we'll keep our focus on error code 10-403 to see what might be causing it and how to fix it.

What is Sling TV error 10-403?

Sling TV error code 10-403 normally pops up when you are not authorized to access the content you are trying to watch. This usually means that your subscription has expired, but there are other factors that can cause this error code to appear.

Other known causes for error code 10-403 include network connection issues, device compatibility problems, or technical glitches.

Because there is more than one possible cause for this error, there are also several steps you can take to try and fix it.

How to fix Sling TV error code 10-403

If you're sure you're up to date on your subscription yet still encounter error code 10-403, try the following steps:

  • Check your internet connection: Slow internet speeds can be the cause of many different error messages, so make sure everything is working properly.
  • Sign out of your account and sign back in: This is one way of resetting your Sling TV app and could fix any temporary issues causing the error.
  • Clear cache for the Sling TV app: Another standard troubleshooting tip that users have claimed is effective in getting rid of error code 10-403.
  • Check Sling TV for updates: Using an outdated version of the streaming app may be the cause behind error code 10-403 so make sure you're using the latest version.
  • Disable your VPN: Using a VPN on a streaming service is quite common to access shows and movies you normally wouldn't be able to, but it can also lead to error messages. Try switching your VPN off to see if that might be causing your issues.

If none of these work for you and you're still being bothered by error code 10-403, your next best course of action is to contact Sling TV support.

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