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Razer Synapse scroll wheel keeps skipping - how to fix scroll wheel jumping issue

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After installing Razer Synapse scroll wheel keeps skipping Razer  Synapse logo

While the Razer devices are often regarded as some of the more convenient gaming-specific additions to anyone's computer, sometimes they can have some issues. For example, have you been having issues, after installing Razer Synapse that your scroll wheel keeps skipping or jumping around?

Users have been reporting a variety of issues with Synapse, like the app not opening, failing to start or not detecting the mouse. Sometimes the problem is with the software, but sometimes we might be able to do something to fix it.

Let's see what to do if you're having issues with your scroll wheel that keeps on slipping after installing Razer Synapse.

How to fix scroll wheel that keeps on slipping after installing Razer Synapse

While there might be several reasons for this problem, the most common fix seems to be to disable "scroll acceleration" in Razer Synapse. This is enabled by default on many configurations and it may indeed cause such issues, especially while gaming.

Unplug the mouse/keyboard and clean it

Razer support also suggests unplugging the mouse and giving it a thorough clean as there might be something causing the wheel to scroll without control. You can use a Q-tip to reach some of the more difficult areas, like between the mouse wheel and the sensor.

Razer also recommends testing the mouse on various surfaces or seeing if there might be something else causing the problem. Either way, if it's a mechanical issue we recommend contacting Razer support.

What is the Razer Synapse scroll wheel keeps slipping problem?


Basically, this problem seems to be caused by some settings of the app which are enabled by default. The "smooth scrolling" option might be useful for navigating the web but it seems to be causing some issues while you're playing, like weapon switching automatically.

But just disable it and you should be good to go, provided that if your mouse or keyboard is still having issues, then it might be a mechanical problem.

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