Razer Synapse not opening - how to fix the app launching issue

Razer Synapse not opening installation screens

Razer Synapse not opening installation screens

Razer devices have been all the rage these last few years, as the brand has been known for reliable devices perfect for gamers looking for quality devices at the right price. Still, there have been technical issues with their apps, so if you have been feeling unhappy with Razer Synapse not opening, we'll tell you how to fix it.

Why should you use the Synapse app? Well, it enables you to make better use of your devices, so you can change color of your mouse and record a macro. But the app can be a bit temperamental, like when it does not detect your mouse.

But if Razer Synapse is not opening, there are a few quick fixes.

How to fix Razer Synapse not opening

Many times, there are apps that are conflicting with Synapse thus preventing it from opening and running. Usually, the problem likes with an antivirus program or a firewall. Check if any of these apps are conflicting by disabling them and then running Synapse again.

If that hasn't changed anything, try to run Razer Synapse as an administrator, by right-clicking on the app shortcut and selecting the appropriate option. Also, it might be useful to check if the Razer services are running correctly. Here's how to check:

  • Run "Task Manager" by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting it;
  • Select "Services";
  • Check to see if these two services are running "Razer Central Service" and "Razer Synapse Service";
  • If they are not, you should reinstall the app or, if they are on the list, restart them by right-clicking and selecting the option.

Many times a clean reinstall of the Synapse app can also help you fix its issues with not opening.

Check the requirements for Razer Synapse 3

Despite the app not having such high requirements, it is always a good idea to check if our computer is actually capable of handling it. These are the requirements for Synapse 3:

  • Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 (there is no app on MacOS);
  • 500 MB of hard disk space;
  • Remember to accept all licenses and provide a valid e-mail address;
  • Being connected to the internet is required to activate the app and use all of its features.

If despite trying these options, you still haven't been able to open the app, then you might as well contact Razer support, as they can help you.

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