How to fix Instagram not sharing to Facebook issue

Instagram not sharing to Facebook - picture of Instagram logo
Credit: Instagram

Instagram not sharing to Facebook - picture of Instagram logo
Credit: Instagram

Are you wondering why your Instagram is not sharing to Facebook? Well, you can solve this problem by trying out some solutions and methods.

The solutions covered in this article are not difficult to implement, and one of them can possibly resolve your issue. Some solutions can even solve error-related questions such as 'why Instagram won't let me post and how to fix it?'

Read on to learn more about the solutions to Instagram not sharing to your Facebook account.

Why is my Instagram not sharing to Facebook?

More often than not, there are numerous problems associated with Instagram not sharing to Facebook. Troubleshooting these problems will take time, especially if you don’t know where to start.

But don’t worry! We’ll discuss these issues one by one so that you’ll know how to solve the problem of Instagram not sharing to Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram connection issues

Connectivity is a common problem among social media platforms and tools. If your Instagram posts are not sharing or connecting to Facebook, you can try checking your Internet connection.

Check if Facebook or Instagram aren’t blocked by your browser. Sometimes, browsers block websites, and faulty extensions might cause websites to malfunction.

If you’re using Instagram on mobile and it’s not sharing to Facebook, try switching your connection to data. Simply go to your smartphone’s Settings dashboard and tap the Wi-Fi connection. Next, tap the Mobile Data option and wait for the data connection to activate.

Outdated Facebook and Instagram versions

Social media apps, especially Facebook and Instagram, receive updates continuously. Updates are important because they fix the common issues of social media apps, and they also introduce new features whenever available. Later, the app creators and developers will launch more updates to fix any issues related to the new features.

Updating your Facebook and Instagram is easy. Just go to the App Store (Play Store in Android) and tap the Update button. If you can't find any button, you have nothing to worry about - your apps are updated to the latest versions!

Unlinked Instagram account

It's easy to overlook unlinked social media accounts. To ensure that your Instagram and Facebook accounts are properly linked, go to your Instagram profile page. Find the linked accounts and re-enter your Facebook login information.

Corrupted internal files

Some situations can corrupt a smartphone's internal files. If Instagram's internal files are corrupted, it won't function properly. The only way to solve this problem is to uninstall and reinstall the app immediately.

After reinstalling Instagram, just re-login your account and everything is good to go.

How to fix Instagram not sharing to Facebook issue

App errors come and go, and there's no 100% precise way to track them. However, always remember that you can try these options to fix Instagram not sharing to Facebook issue:

  • Update your Instagram App
  • Relink Instagram to your Facebook account
  • Clear the cache and re-login to fix issues
  • Try to switch connection to Mobile Data
  • Reinstall Instagram

Remember, don't forget to open Instagram at least once a day to not miss any possible updates or app changes!

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