How to fix CPU fan error on boot

How to fix CPU fan error on boot AMD fan

How to fix CPU fan error on boot AMD fan

Our precious computers need to stay cool in order to keep working correctly. This is normal, considering that both CPU and GPU can reach quite high temperatures when working on high performance levels. So, it may happen that we're not able to work with our PC because of a CPU fan error on boot. Let's see how to fix it.

While it is true this error can be caused by several problems, but it can always be useful to check the CPU temperature and know how to clean a fan, for sure.

Still, if you're getting blocked by this error, let's see how to fix the CPU fan error on boot.

How to fix the CPU fan error on boot

As mentioned, there might be several possible causes to this error so let's try to eliminate them all.

CPU overclocked

While we all like to get some more power out of our devices, sometimes the strain is too much, the temperatures too high and the fan struggles to cool things down. In this case, we recommend disabling overclocking completely and see if the problem is fixed.

Place computer in cooler place

Especially if you are working or playing on a laptop, it is important to check that all exhaustion ports have enough space around them to provide circulation of air to your computer. Try moving it around (or in a cooler place) to see if the problem is fixed.

BIOS needs updating

Since the fans are obviously controlled by the BIOS, and if you've not been regularly updating it, it might be worth checking if perhaps a new update to the BIOS comes with better fan controls or fixes to the system.

CPU Fan not plugged in

Perhaps you've recently moved your computer and something has become unplugged, if you're not hearing your fan at all then it might have been disconnected from its pins. It might be necessary to open your PC, locate the fans on your motherboard and check if they're disconnected.

CPU fan damaged / not working

Unfortunately, this is the worst case scenario but one that still might happen. In this case, there's nothing else that can be done except for replacing the damaged or not working fan with a new one.

What is the CPU fan error?

This is an error on boot, so before Windows even starts loading. It usually comes up with an error message saying "Error: Cpu fan has failed" or a more generic "CPU Fan error".

As mentioned, this can be related to the CPU fan which has stopped working, an overclocked CPU working at high temperatures or problems with circulation of air.

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