ChatGPT timing out - how to fix the timeout error

ChatGPT timing out OpenAI on a phone

ChatGPT timing out OpenAI on a phone

Can AI really answer all our questions? Well, probably not as you have already found out, but it can sure be fun to ask them questions or make them write a song or a poem. But sometimes there are problems, so if you've been having issues with ChatGPT timing out, here's how to fix the error.

This is not a new problem, since the AI service has been plagued with problems such as history gone, error in body stream and internal server error.

But if you've been timed out by ChatGPT, then there might be a quick fix so read on to find out.

How to fix ChatGPT timing out

The easy fix is obviously to wait and try again, as this problem is quite common when ChatGPT is at capacity. But perhaps you've already tried that a couple of times and nothing changed. So let's look at some other possible solutions.

Restart the browser

That is really the first thing one should do when encountering such a problem with ChatGPT. Also, log out of the service and then try logging back in, if you have been successful in doing so at least you know it might not be a server problem.

Clean the browser cache

Along with restarting, another good idea is doing a quick clean-up of your browser, deleting temporary files and cache. Perhaps, a good idea would also be to quickly try another browser than your default one.

Check the servers

Naturally, we mentioned the servers being a problem and those might be indeed the main issue. Check the status of ChatGPT here so you can see if there are problems that you might not do anything about.

Avoid using a VPN

If you've been using a VPN, then it might be a good idea to disable it for the time being, just to see if that might be the problem. Perhaps there have been too many server requests from the country you are connecting from.

How long to wait before trying again ChatGPT after timing out?

Overall, we would say a good idea is to wait at least 5-10 minutes after you get a "request time out" error. It is not a good idea to try and force your requests over and over, as you may run into the "too many requests in 1 hour" error.

If none of the proposed solutions works, then you might as well wait it out and try a different AI service. We have a list of the best ChatGPT alternatives you can use such as Google Bard and New Bing AI.

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